Quality Domains with Links From – TechCrunch , Forbes , BBC , CNN , New York Times @ $40

What happens after the order is placed?
After payment order will be processed immediately. Buyer will provide godaddy customer ID and email address. And the domain will be pushed. All domains are registered and paid up front for 1 year!

Are these old or deleted/dropped domains?
Our domains are dropped ones from failed blog sites, startups or former companies that have been closed. These domain names are abandoned but have retained their amazing backlinks.

Do you offer bulk discount?
Yes, Bulk discounts are available for orders of 50+; send us PM / e-mail with more details for more info.

Refund policy.
No refunds due to the nature of service – unless domain was not in expected standard (spam links, only no follow links, no authority links). And, if we failed to deliver your custom orders within Max. 4 weeks after our confirmation without any notice or message then you’ll get 100% refund.

Are there samples offered before ordering?
Once you send in a request in thread, I will send you samples so that you can check what we have to offer.

Why don’t these domain have PR?
Since these domains were dropped by old companies a couple of years ago, Google unindexed them thus they have no PR. However since we picked them, they are now indexed and will certainly get some PR in future update as they have amazing links from amazing sites.

How do I resister the domain?
You don’t have to registrar the domain on your own. Actually, we have Godaddy as our registrar as it is easy to manage while transferring and pushing out. Hence, after payment order will be processed immediately. Buyer will provide Godaddy customer ID and email address. And the domain will be pushed & All domains are registered and paid up front for 1 year!

How many domains do I need in my network as I am new to PBN creation?
Working under the assumption that no previous link building has taken place for the money site, this will only bank on your keyword levels and several factors, but excellent results have been witnessed with approximately 50-75, 25-30 and 10-15 for hard, medium and easy keywords respectively.

Will I get any ranking warranty on using this domains I my network?
We are specifically a domain selling service, hence we don’t offer SEO services here under this service thread and therefore to get high ranking it all depends on how well you use and manage domains in your network i.e. how many footprints you leave or how well you choose your anchors.

Is there any hosting guarantee and aid in setting up the network?
We never offer any hosting services, hence you have to manage the hosting yourself. Basically, all we offer is an outline for newbies and answers for any individual with problems.

Can I set a site on these domains? Or are they suitable for PBN only?
These domains offer a good foundation for sites because of the available strong backlink, making it able to setup a site on it. Besides, it is possible to 301 redirect the domain to your money site.

Can I get a domain in the space I am concerned with?
Yes, we offer niche specific domains, but you have to contact us because this is a different service.

What is the reason behind the low TF for some domains?
Most links come from inner pages and not from the homepage of these authority site. Hence, it is possible to have 10-15 TF from inner pages and higher TF can be seen if the link is from the homepage.

TAT / Deadline of your Service?
TAT can take for as much as 7 days. But most domains are already registered, so normally it should take no more than 24 hours.

We are Available Via:
Gmail– orderseo3@gmail.com
Gtalk- orderseo3@gmail.com
Skype– tridiptaghosh1

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