AMAZON Sale Page Management Services:

Posting fake General or Purchase Verified Customer Reviews for your AMAZON Sale Page is not according to the AMAZON T&C! AMAZON will not tolerate fake Customer Reviews if they are frequently discovered. {Click Here for More Info.}

It is also stated that if false AMAZON Customer Review Posters have managed to list reviews for your AMAZON Sale Page in exchange for money or products, the reviews will be quickly and permanently removed, according to the Latest T&C from Amazon. Amazon has updated their T&C plus the mechanisms, both manual and automated, which remove any reviews that violate their guidelines.
So, when your fake AMAZON Customer Reviews will be detected by AMAZON’s manual and automated programs, the review will quickly be deleted affecting the status and credibility of your sale page. {Click Here for More Info.}

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Q. Are your contents unique, and what will be the word-count which is used for your link-building campaign?
A. Yes, of course. All my articles will be 100% unique & CS passed and in compliance with Google’s latest updates. Word-count will be 500+ words.

Q. Can I view the articles before submission?
A. Yes, we will always get confirmation from you, before proceeding to post the submissions in our directories.

Q. Give the details of ownership about the – Articles/Wordpress Blog/FB Fan page/Twitter Accounts/along with other posted links and services which I can get from you?
A. You can acquire compete ownership over the Articles/Wordpress Blog/FB Fan page/Twitter Account and other posted links- which you will receive from us.It is completely yours, and you can manipulate, resell and publish it according to your wishes.
{N.B.– the AMAZON Accounts which I’ll use for Wishlist+Giftlist Creation is our personal accounts, so you’ve no ownership over them }.

Q. Give the format of the report in which you would produce on the works?
A. The reports will be in Excel format, so that you can easily get each different tab for the different phases of the order.

Q. Give the Steps to place my order?
A. You can click the “Buy Now!” button which will direct you to the Form of Wufoo. After submitting the necessary information, you will then be directed to the payment page. Another option is to simply mail or PM the payment to us.

Q. Can I get any discounts?
A. Yes, you’ll get discount for bulk and ongoing projects. Please contact with me to receive additional information concerning this.

Q. Can I know about your payment details?
A. Full payment is due upon placing the order. The order will not be processed until 100% of the charge is received.

Q. Do you allow reselling your products offshore?
A. Yes, you can enjoy the benefits associated with reselling our quality content and services with your own pricing list.

Q. Brief about your policy of refund?
A. The full amount will be refunded if we’re not able to deliver any work report within 4weeks from the order date without receiving any additional information.

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8 thoughts on “AMAZON Sale Page Management Services:

  1. excellent. you are rocking again.
    here is my new order(gold pack) for my amazon sale page with best wishes for your new service.
    hope you will give us the best service like your writing services.
    transaction id:-0P9345666R1831489

  2. Just purchased a Bronze package to test out how this service works. It looked good and I contacted them with some questions. Very responsive to my questions and I look forward to progress and results for this order.

    I have total of four private label products on Amazon right now, so I really want this to work as well as it is laid out. If so, I will buy more and larger packages. And of course leave back testimonial on the thread! TY.

  3. so far great result, I must say this.
    till now, ‘ve received the updates of 70% completed project but i can see the great result from now..
    my sale page is now on TOP 10 list & my sell has been increased 47.8% than last month. it’s amazing.

    i cant wait to see the result when my project will be 100% completed.
    wow – it’s really rocking , seozone.
    thanks for your hard works till now waiting for the final updates

  4. dude your last services were excellent, my sale has been increased 35.65% in last month because of this seo services.
    now i’m placing my next order for my new amazon product.
    it’s a gold package + bronze package. transaction id:xxxxxxxxxxU89

    thanks, hoping for best work like last time

  5. Excellent work again. My new product is now on page 1 in Amazon search result. my sale also has been increased,
    but I must say your service is little bit costly,

    if you can arrange some special discounts then I can offer you more orders in this year.

    Think about it.

  6. Very impressed. On the second day of the Platinum Package (Feb 25th) I’ve already received a huge bump in sales for this product. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks have in store.

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