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We, SEOZONE3 SEO Services, (hereinafter referred to as seozone3/ We/ Us/ Our), have written this document to communicate the firm’s commitment to respect and protect users’ privacy and information. This legal document is meant to help you guide what information we gather and how we manage or process it to improve the quality of our services. We recognize your need for protection of any personal information you share with us. As we are General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, we observe strict adherence to codes and limitations mentioned by GDPR.

Please take a moment to go through the fundamentals of our Privacy Policy. By providing us with any kind of information, you fully agree to accept our terms. The Privacy Policy is applicable to the information or data that we might collect on the site and by other offline means, such as business transactions and sales calls.

You, as a user or visitor of, are requested to read and understand our Privacy Policy as you are agreeing to be lawfully bound by the provisions mentioned in this document.

If you think you do not agree with what we have mentioned in this document, please do not provide us with any personal information or use our website. If you need more information regarding our website or privacy policy, feel free to write to us at


There is no denying that we are committed and obligated to protect your online privacy data. Moreover, we encourage you to expect professional handling and usage of any sort of personal information that you might share with us. As mentioned earlier, we want you to understand that this Privacy Policy is applicable to information that we may collect from registered users or people just browsing through our site.

  1. What Information We Might Collect

 Personal information refers to the information that may be used to identify a user or individual, includes, but not limited to, first and last name, telephone number, email address, physical address, PayPal ID, and IP address. If you want to register and be a member on the site, you might have to share with us your valid personal information. We may access your IP address and your recent web activity to improve our services.

In order to provide you a more personalized web experience, we may use your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. In addition, we may use ethical means to understand your preferences and customize our services.

We will never share or sell your personal information to any third-party platform at any cost. Following are some of the prime objectives of why we need to collect your personal information:

  • To communicate with you and provide impeccable customer support
  • To ensure security and compliance with standard rules and regulations
  • To provide services in accordance with your priorities and requirements

The whole process enables us to develop and continuously enhance the quality of our services. We always utilize state-of-the-art technology to keep your information encrypted and safe. Modern means ensure that your critical information such as credit card or billing address, bank account, net banking, etc is safe and secure. Furthermore, you must be aware of the fact that financial transactions on the internet should be handled with utmost care and safety.

Depending on the information you share with us, we may send you newsletters, or any other form of promotional or informational content through email. You have the freedom to opt-out or opt-in of such emails. In the course of your interaction with our website (, we might collect non-personally identifiable information. This information could include some technical aspects such as the type of device you use to visit our site. We only use this information to improve our web service.

We take every imaginable step to ensure the security of your information. As a technique to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we use carefully designed procedures and tools to safeguard your information.

  1. How We Collect Information

As a part our standard procedures and for specific and ancillary reasons, we only collect and save unique user information. We try our best to communicate with you our purpose why we need the information and how we will use it. Most importantly, we collect user information using approved and legal methods with the user’s knowledge and approval.

Our site may contain some links to other sites. We do not control, operate, or recommend the quality of these platforms. Hence, we will not be responsible for any incident that might happen as a result of your accessing such sites.

  1. Cookies and Other Tracking Means

A cookie is a small text file that a site can send and save to a user’s individual web browser. Cookies and other tracking technologies may record information such as IP addresses, operating system types, URL, browser software, clickstream patterns, and domain requests.

We use cookies and other tracking tools to collect and store information about users. At the same time, we are obligated to use that information in a manner which is acceptable and legal. As a user of our site, you have the freedom to block cookies by changing your browser settings. However, if you choose to do so, our site may not function as efficiently as it could with the cookies being enabled. No matter the technology we use to collect user information, rest assured your information will never be compromised or misused in any manner.

  1. Duty of Confidentiality

Our site may have some critical information which we classify as confidential and private. A user cannot use any of our confidential content without our written permission. We expect our website users to avoid any unethical activity that contradicts the established codes. As we are responsible for securing your confidential information, we will not disclose it to anyone except when lawfully mandated.

  1. Information Disclosure

There are some instances when we cannot control your information due to regulatory requirements enforced by law enforcement agencies. We may be obligated to provide certain information to such government agencies. Law enforcement agencies are sometimes required to collect your unique data in order to ensure security or complete an investigation. We are legally bound to cooperate with and facilitate such investigations.

We make it literally impossible for anyone to steal or use sensitive data from our site. However, despite the preventive measures, a third-party might be able to extract your data from our site. The internet is not a risk-free place. However, we try our level best to protect user data.

  1. Password Protection

When you sign up on our site, you may be asked to create information such as passwords and security questions in order to register your account. You must preserve and secure your information required to sign in. Moreover, do not try to fool the system by providing wrong passwords or using others credentials to sign in.

You will be responsible for all the activities you perform on your personal account. If you, at any point and time, think that some activities have been performed on your account that you do not recognize, please report this issue as soon as possible.

7. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

The Website reserves the rights to change or modify its Privacy Policy at any time. However, we will provide a notice on the site before or after making modifications. We encourage you to carefully review this page for any changes.

8. Children Policy

The site is not designed to be used by children under 13. As a part of our policy, we do not knowingly collect information from a user under 13 years of age. We will make efforts to remove information provided by such users.


We might not be able to secure your data at all times due to technological limitations, although we put our best efforts to keep your information safe. We cannot promise that your data will be fully secured at all times.

You fully understand and acknowledge that you will be held responsible for your activities on the Website and that you may face restrictions as a result of your unfair behavior on the site.

Your Rights

Our website gives you full right to access or modify your personal data and set preferences at your convenience. You also have the freedom to update or remove information stored in our database.

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