Reason Why You Need a Professional Website Developer

A web developer is the person who undertakes the development of various web applications and provides the required web development services. Every person or company who owns a website must have a web developer, who they can entrust with their personal or business information. The reasons on why you need a professional website developer are –

  • Human Touch – There are software that claims to solve all your website’s problems. However, these artificial programs are designed to address to a particular issue which won’t always be helpful. In case you have a problem that doesn’t fall under their range, then you would definitely feel disheartened. That’s where a Professional Web Developer comes to help. He would be personally addressing to all your queries and would try his best to solve them. After all, everyone prefers a live human voice over some software.web-design-Devlopment
  • Web Development Skills – With due courtesy to Google, everyone knows how to make a website these days, but you cannot design or develop the website like a pro unless you are so. A professional would possess all the skills about various web development services like that of site optimisation, knowledge on web scripts and languages, increasing website’s usability by making your page in loading faster and making it available through various Search Engines. They will be able to troubleshoot any flaw in your page and will help you with regular updates and most importantly they could transform your written texts and graphics into the web format.
  • Talented Adviser – You might want a particular design, which needs high-end skill and patience. A professional would know how to handle such a situation by suggesting the right design to meet your criteria. He would always be aware of the latest trends and design practices to advise you on the same so you don’t fall off the web competition.Web-Design-Services
  • Time saviour – What we lack in today’s fast moving world is the leisure of ample time. You obviously would want someone who can help you, be efficient and quick in action. A professional would take much lesser time than a non-professional to identify the problem and navigate to the right tool to give you a desired outcome.
  • Website Redesign – It’s easy to create a new website, but refurbishing it with new details or giving it a new look may not be easy at all. It’s advisable that you bring in some change to your website at least once in every 3 years to make it attractive to the world. A professional would be able to redesign it without changing the web address or making it unrecognisable to your viewers.web-development (1)
  • Responsible – This is the most important factor on why you would need a professional web developer. Unlike a web designer who’s just responsible for designing your page, a web developer would take the responsibility of the entire performance of your page including the design. He would be flexible as per the constant change of technology and will make unique strategies to draw in more traffic to your page. Thus, it’s a great deal of responsibility which you might want to delegate to a professional for an unparalleled result.


With all the aforesaid reasons, it’s pretty much understandable that perfect web development services can only be delivered by a professional web developer. However, you must do your research before hiring the developer who can understand you and your page. Proper communication and patience will always achieve an unmatched outcome.


Top Search Engine Marketing Tools for Your Business

Marketing your business by using the best tools affects the profit margin positively.  There are various ways by which one can market the business effectively, and one such is by using Search Engine Marketing tools. The use of best SEM tool will not only build online business reputation, but also generates profit for long term. Remember, the use of right SEM tools will open the doors of positive business for long term.

This article presents you with top Search Engine Marketing Tools that can be used for your business:

  • SEMrush: Before using this SEM tool, it is important to know whether it is healthy for your brand or not. Generally, this tool is used by marketing experts, to check for semrush-tutorialthe number of keywords a site is ranking in Google. Moreover, you also need to check the organic traffic, enabling you to know if there is massive drop. SEMrush can also be used to search effective keywords for your website content.
  • BuzzSumo: Many users use this tool only as social media platform, but not actually as SEM tool. Generally, this tool is used for BuzzSumo-logocontent ideas whether it is for blogging, or social work.  Once done, the user creates database of keywords, and then check BuzzSumo to craft content title. You need to hire an SEM expert who understand this tool and effectively uses it in social platform.
  • Google Trends: This is the most used SEM tool by any website to understand and know the current trends in search engingoogle-trendse. By using this, the marketer can know how often a particular search-term is entered and used in certain region or world. This tool is helpful in investigating latest keyword trend of keywords that can be used while content marketing.
  • Google Traffic Estimator: Adwords, traffic estimator is a valuable indicator of which Adwords keywords are driving most traffic towards your site. This tool will help you to prioritize your marketing flow. By using this tool, your action can benefit as:google-aw-mortgage

Building dedicated web content for a given keyword

Dividing keywords in to subgroups

Designating negative keywords


  • Majestic: The best part of using Majestic tool is the flow metrics, and most importantly topical semantic context of the site. When working on link building campaign, then you will find topLaptopMajesticEmailBL1 ranking sites. This will also help in creating appealing company profile. The main aim of using this tool is to download lists of backlinks. Moreover, it can also be used to identify lost links.


  • Wordstream Negative Keyword: This tool helps the user to target niche keywords, allows them for easy group launches. For wordstream-keyword-tool-demofirst 30 keywords you will be offered for free, but for next set of keywords, the user has to sign for Wordstream Negative Keyword.
  • Conclusion:

If you are looking for high-end quality Search Engine Marketing tool then you can check above mentioned tools.  If you are lacking SEM tool knowledge, then hiring a SEM expert will be the best way to get effective result for long term.

Top Freelancing Jobs You can Pursue

Don’t want to work under typical office hours? Or don’t want to work under hectic pressure passed on by senior? Then don’t worry, there are freelancing jobs available that can pay you equally or even higher money. The best part of working on freelance basis is to work as per your convenience and space, without any restriction. Many companies are now hiring freelancers either on contractual basis or for long term basis. The main aim is the cost cutting by the company.why-freelancing-is-better-than-job

Be your own boss! Is what the status freelancing jobs offer to individual. Whether you are master in content writing, graphics or in other profession, there are plenty of freelance jobs available online. The rates are either set by the company or by the freelancer himself. Moreover, the rates are charged either on hourly basis or monthly basis.  Many individuals take up freelancing for extra income or to quit job continue freelance on full time basis. This article brings you the list of jobs in freelance opportunity which you can take up as per your expertise.find-freelance-work

  • Writing: If you are a Grammar Nazi, love expressing your thoughts through words and are creative in playing with words, then content writing or blogging is the best freelancing job for you. There are many independent clients or even companies look out for team of writers to hire them as full time freelance writers under minimum pay. There are writers who manage to pull 6 figures in the month end.
  • Marketing Strategist and PR: The function of marketing strategist and PR is to market companies’ product and service online and offline. This is the most skilled job where one has to create customer experience strategies for brands and enhance customer relationship. Other skills involved managing products, shipping and updating company site.freelancer_jobs
  • Web Developer and Designer: There is a quite difference between developer and designer. Web developer is the one who technically creates the site from scratch through backend process, designer on the other hand design the front end of the site. Many new companies lookout for freelance web designers and developers as per project. Experienced developers charge $36/$43 per hour.freelance_jobs
  • Graphic Designer: As the media and gaming industry is growing, the requirement of graphic designer has increased. They are hired on freelancing basis to design applications, games, websites and graphic campaigns. One needs to be highly creative when it comes to design ideas graphically. An experience designer can charge $15 to $21 per hr.
  • Translator: If you are fluent in more than one language, then this working as translator can be a good option. Freelancers who are registered with American Translators Association can earn around $72,000 a year. The amount may vary as per the work requirement.freelance-jobs
  • Photography: If you have a creative of presenting subject in a story telling way and understand the technique of photography, then being a freelance photography is the best way to earn. You can be a wedding, travel or product photographer. You can even be a freelance photo journalist and earn a good income.

There are plenty of freelancing jobs in different fields.  It is up to your skills and requirement in the market for the specific job.

Google Penguin 4.0 Latest Update

There is a lot of buzz about the upcoming Penguin 4.0 Google release date. In the month of December 2015, Google came up with an update that the Penguin 4.0 won’t be released until March 2016. For SEO practitioners this could be good news, but for black-hat folks this can be spin chilling

According to expert web masters, the new algorithm could make the life of SEO experts, more importantly of web owner easier. Though Google is still ensures the release of latest Penguin update, it would be good enough wait and watch. Meanwhile, there are web owners who are still clueless about the Google Penguin update.

Let us check what Google Penguin updates is and how it is different from Penguin 4.0:

This new update was designed to fight against spam links and monitor the links used on content. Originally released back in April 2012, the update caused a major ripple among content marketer and web masters. Major sites which weren’t following the Google web rules were

Every time the update is released, there are major changes happening on sites. Fortunately, for sites which works according to the rules isn’t facing any fire. Penguin shares the similarities with two other algorithms, Panda and Hummingbird. However, the main focus of Penguin algorithm is to penalize companies that follows black hat SEO to boost the ranking of their site. There is no doubt that, every time Google comes with new update, it shakes up the internet world.

Google Penguin 4.0 is surely going to raise eyebrows among search engine marketers and web owners.  Moreover, it is expected to be real-time upgrade and will keep getting updated over the period of time. If you are following the right Google rules, then you have nothing to worry.

What’s Different in Penguin 4.0?

As mentioned above, Penguin 4.0 is rumoured to be real-time update and will get updated on regular interval. For digital marketers and SEO webmasters, this could be a big thing since there is a lot of spamming things taking place. However, many still isn’t aware what difference the new Google Penguin 4.0 will bring to the website.penguin-4-1368450026

Difference between Google Panda and Penguin:

There is a quite difference between Google Panda and Penguin algorithm.  The algorithm is basically a mathematical formula through which the ranking determines.

Google Panda is an effective algorithm bought by the search engine that effected many old sites.  The main aim of the update is to provide the best result for viewer searching on the engine. For instance, a site doesn’t get enough view and the viewer switches to other site, Google brings down the sites ranking. Poor site design, poor content, black hat SEO and other aspects are considered in this algorithm.


Google Penguin, in other hand is the latest algorithm which detects wrong tactics used by web masters to gain ranking which are against the guidelines. Stuffed keywords, hidden text and getting links from illegitimate sites are some of the reasons why a site ranking goes down.


One needs to understand the difference between Google Panda and Penguin, and how the later will be affecting your site once it is released. So as there is no such official announcement of Google Penguin 4.0 release, web owner has to be ready with the update.


Amazon Affiliate Marketing – A Brief Guide

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is worldwide known for marketing of Amazon’s products in exchange of revenues or commission. The basic rule of this program is to write a content or blog for any item available in Amazon, like that of gadgets, clothes, shoes, etc. and provide a link to connect it to Amazon to buy the same. If the product is sold through your content then you can earn up to 12% of the selling price. However, the percentage fees might be changed or modified from time to time according to the Operating Agreement. You must consider the fact that in case the purchased products are returned, then the revenue earned through it would be deducted on your next

This is an excellent platform for every person who is looking out to earn money in a fast and easy way, whether you are in college, a housewife or someone who wants to use their spare time in an economical way. There are few steps that you can easily master to be a member of Amazon Affiliate Marketing –

  • View Amazon’s Site for its list of Products – The first step is to go to the program’s site and see the products that are listed for revenues. Every product won’t offer revenue, so you must see the table carefully to choose your product. If you want higher income, choose the products that will yield higher revenues on the list or as per your likeability.working_of_affiliate_marketing_program
  • Make a brief, informative and attractive content – After you select the product, make a blog or content for the same. You must keep in mind that your reader will only click on the link if your article draws in interest, truthful information and attention among the mass. While writing the review or content, you must pay extra care to use keywords that will draw in more traffic. These keywords are also the source to locate the content on various Search Engines. Thus, you must choose a unique yet useful keyword that will have more probabilities of being found.
  • Upload your write-up to the world – Once you are confident about your product’s content, let the world appreciate it and help you in earning the amount you deserve. You can post it on your website or blog if you have ample number of followers, or else you can post it at one of the innumerable free websites available to publish contents.
  • Traffic is the source to your income – You must always keep trying new ways to increase your traffic in form of your content’s readers. Your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc can help you in achieving that traffic if you can promote your content in an attractive yet unique way. You should already know by now that more your traffic increases, greater the amount of revenues will you earn.Amazon-Affiliate-Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing has been extremely successful in this Internet era due to the obvious reason of making millions of people Earn throughout the globe.  You will get all the information about the product on Internet including its latest news that you can use to prepare your content. Thus, you can easily choose this method of earning irrespective of your background and qualification.

5 Tips on How SEO can build your Small Business

As the online search continues to evolve in faster phase, search marketing has grown its popularity towards new level. Almost every business, be it small or big, has its web presence and continues to improve its image to reach target audience. There are plenty of ways to promote your business, be it technical or non-technical way. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to increase the web presence of the business. small-business-seo

Search traffic is attractive for business of all sizes, especially for small business. Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the best way to bring enough traffic to your online business.  Whether you are hiring a SEO company or doing the optimization by self, you need to follow below mentioned top 5 tips to get engaging result for long term:

  • Writing Engaging Content: This is the basic and the most important strategy of Search Engine Optimization for your small business. Google and other search engines are cracking down low quality contents which don’t bring business. So the best way is to write engaging content, added with social media share button. Write product specific content that reaches the target audience.Local-Small-Business-Seo
  • Long Tail Keyword Strategy: By using long tail keyword strategy, it will be easier to bring more traffic and ranking for the site. Long tail keywords are extended version of keywords, such as “tips for installing toilet in an upstairs bathroom”, instead of “toilet installation”. Fortunately, optimizing long tail keyword is easier and helps in getting better traffic.
  • Connecting with Local Audience for Optimization: Whether your business operates on nationals or local region, it is better to target local audience. Local search is becoming relevant and effective. Posting quality content by using local-specific keywords and local specific inbound links will help in optimizing and generating publicity. Search engines are getting better in identifying and categorizing neighbourhoods within the local.8734625_orig
  • Personalizing Social Engagement: Aside local optimization, you can also increase the chance of getting more traffic by using social engagement step. Creating social media profile of your company will help in growing step by step. Keep posting content and stay more active on social media which will certainly help in ranking high in Google.
  • Becoming Authorized Content Publisher: To build effective brand awareness and loyalty, it requires constant content posting on different blog sites. Most companies utilize on-site blog for publishing regular content, while others use e-books, videos and PRs to update about companies activity. The key is to build an effective image of the company and reach to the maximum target audience with the help of effective content.


If you are running a start-up company, and looking to reach your target audience, then there is no shortcut but to use effective Search Engine Optimization strategy. You can review and study how established company used SEO by understanding the market and the competition. Give yourself the best by narrowing down the topic and keywords on location specific. Though the result of optimization will take time, but once it gets effective the result is positive.