Top Search Engine Marketing Tools for Your Business

Marketing your business by using the best tools affects the profit margin positively.  There are various ways by which one can market the business effectively, and one such is by using Search Engine Marketing tools. The use of best SEM tool will not only build online business reputation, but also generates profit for long term. Remember, the use of right SEM tools will open the doors of positive business for long term.

This article presents you with top Search Engine Marketing Tools that can be used for your business:

  • SEMrush: Before using this SEM tool, it is important to know whether it is healthy for your brand or not. Generally, this tool is used by marketing experts, to check for semrush-tutorialthe number of keywords a site is ranking in Google. Moreover, you also need to check the organic traffic, enabling you to know if there is massive drop. SEMrush can also be used to search effective keywords for your website content.
  • BuzzSumo: Many users use this tool only as social media platform, but not actually as SEM tool. Generally, this tool is used for BuzzSumo-logocontent ideas whether it is for blogging, or social work.  Once done, the user creates database of keywords, and then check BuzzSumo to craft content title. You need to hire an SEM expert who understand this tool and effectively uses it in social platform.
  • Google Trends: This is the most used SEM tool by any website to understand and know the current trends in search engingoogle-trendse. By using this, the marketer can know how often a particular search-term is entered and used in certain region or world. This tool is helpful in investigating latest keyword trend of keywords that can be used while content marketing.
  • Google Traffic Estimator: Adwords, traffic estimator is a valuable indicator of which Adwords keywords are driving most traffic towards your site. This tool will help you to prioritize your marketing flow. By using this tool, your action can benefit as:google-aw-mortgage

Building dedicated web content for a given keyword

Dividing keywords in to subgroups

Designating negative keywords


  • Majestic: The best part of using Majestic tool is the flow metrics, and most importantly topical semantic context of the site. When working on link building campaign, then you will find topLaptopMajesticEmailBL1 ranking sites. This will also help in creating appealing company profile. The main aim of using this tool is to download lists of backlinks. Moreover, it can also be used to identify lost links.


  • Wordstream Negative Keyword: This tool helps the user to target niche keywords, allows them for easy group launches. For wordstream-keyword-tool-demofirst 30 keywords you will be offered for free, but for next set of keywords, the user has to sign for Wordstream Negative Keyword.
  • Conclusion:

If you are looking for high-end quality Search Engine Marketing tool then you can check above mentioned tools.  If you are lacking SEM tool knowledge, then hiring a SEM expert will be the best way to get effective result for long term.

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