Top Freelancing Jobs You can Pursue

Don’t want to work under typical office hours? Or don’t want to work under hectic pressure passed on by senior? Then don’t worry, there are freelancing jobs available that can pay you equally or even higher money. The best part of working on freelance basis is to work as per your convenience and space, without any restriction. Many companies are now hiring freelancers either on contractual basis or for long term basis. The main aim is the cost cutting by the company.why-freelancing-is-better-than-job

Be your own boss! Is what the status freelancing jobs offer to individual. Whether you are master in content writing, graphics or in other profession, there are plenty of freelance jobs available online. The rates are either set by the company or by the freelancer himself. Moreover, the rates are charged either on hourly basis or monthly basis.  Many individuals take up freelancing for extra income or to quit job continue freelance on full time basis. This article brings you the list of jobs in freelance opportunity which you can take up as per your expertise.find-freelance-work

  • Writing: If you are a Grammar Nazi, love expressing your thoughts through words and are creative in playing with words, then content writing or blogging is the best freelancing job for you. There are many independent clients or even companies look out for team of writers to hire them as full time freelance writers under minimum pay. There are writers who manage to pull 6 figures in the month end.
  • Marketing Strategist and PR: The function of marketing strategist and PR is to market companies’ product and service online and offline. This is the most skilled job where one has to create customer experience strategies for brands and enhance customer relationship. Other skills involved managing products, shipping and updating company site.freelancer_jobs
  • Web Developer and Designer: There is a quite difference between developer and designer. Web developer is the one who technically creates the site from scratch through backend process, designer on the other hand design the front end of the site. Many new companies lookout for freelance web designers and developers as per project. Experienced developers charge $36/$43 per hour.freelance_jobs
  • Graphic Designer: As the media and gaming industry is growing, the requirement of graphic designer has increased. They are hired on freelancing basis to design applications, games, websites and graphic campaigns. One needs to be highly creative when it comes to design ideas graphically. An experience designer can charge $15 to $21 per hr.
  • Translator: If you are fluent in more than one language, then this working as translator can be a good option. Freelancers who are registered with American Translators Association can earn around $72,000 a year. The amount may vary as per the work requirement.freelance-jobs
  • Photography: If you have a creative of presenting subject in a story telling way and understand the technique of photography, then being a freelance photography is the best way to earn. You can be a wedding, travel or product photographer. You can even be a freelance photo journalist and earn a good income.

There are plenty of freelancing jobs in different fields.  It is up to your skills and requirement in the market for the specific job.

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